Blueink Review

In this largely light-hearted tale, four dogs and their “moms and dads” shed light on the events in the daily life of dogs—and their parents. The story opens with the viewpoints of four dogs as they contemplate their situations.

The four soon meet as they enter the dog show circuit. The dogs discuss their individual living arrangements and outlooks on dog life.While the families make the dog show rounds, they become increasingly aware of the difficulty of traveling with animals—and an idea for a business is born.

The characters—both two-legged and four—are genuinely likeable; the behind-the-scenes look at the world of dog competition is enlightening and humorous; and the quest for a better means of animal travel and care proves an ambitious and worthy goal. The story is most likely to be enjoyed by dog lovers but should also engage anyone looking for an uplifting read.

Review by Synchronized Chaos Magazine

Four Dogs and Their Tales by Marcella Bursey Brooks is a delightful story about four dogs, Topaz, Kissie, Kawdje and Michael Archangelo. They have funny conversations with each other. They all meet when their human parents take them to dog agility classes and competitions.

What follows are funny adventures of the dogs and their wit and wisdom talking with each other. It is perfect for any age group. It is also a wonderful book to escape from the sheltering in place and everything going on today. I personally loved curling up and escaping into their adventures after the news is turned off. it would make a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend.

— Elizabeth Hughes