It seems that airlines regard pet family members as "luggage." There was an incident about 1 or 2 years ago that involved an emotional support dog being stowed in an overhead bin with small carry-on luggage. The dog was a brachycephalic breed (short muzzle) and it died.


I have written, “Four Dogs and Their Tales,” to address the issue of safe and comfortable air travel for pet family members. In the story, the families of the dogs try to start up a pet friendly airline.

Below are some suggestions to make pet friendly air travel a reality:

  • Housing pets in the passenger cabin.
  • Consumers have the option to fly on aircraft designated as pet-friendly to avoid animal allergies.
  • Each pet should have a health certificate from their veterinarian, validating their vaccines and shots are up-to-date, as well as, if the pet is free from pests and is fit to travel. 
  • Making modifications to accommodate large pets.
  • Flex space to have attachments such as metal rings and hooks to allow various kennel sizes and/or a wheelchair to be secured with strips.
  • To make it financially viable for airlines, pet air fare would be priced according to size and the weight of the pet family member.
  • On long nonstop flights, value added services such as pet sanitary products and treats, be provided at an extra charge.
  • Implementing safety protocols to ensure survival of pet family members during emergencies.

Thank You !

Marcella Bursey Brooks (Author Of Four Dogs And Their Tales)